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How Often Should I Paint My House?

Interior paint

Painted wall and supplies

Our homes are an investment that needs to be protected with proper maintenance. Interior and exterior painting are home remodeling projects which need to be done periodically in order to help retain or improve the home’s value. There is not one set rule that tells a home owner what type of exterior painting schedule should be followed. Most of the time, it is understood that a home needs to be painted about every 5 to 8 years. But this can depend largely on the type of paint that was used as well as the climatic conditions where the home is located. Some areas have weather conditions that are harsher on a home’s exterior than others. Most homeowners do not do a walk around inspection of their home every single day but there are ways to determine when it is time to paint the house. Continue reading

Remodeling After the Hurricane

Shingle Roof Repair

Shingle Roof

No one doubts the destruction that has been left behind Hurricane Sandy. For homeowners it is a time of rebuilding and many of the scheduled home remodeling projects have been put on hold for more pressing matters. Some damage is too extensive and must be handled by a professional, licensed contractor. This is typically due to safety issues. But there are several home remodeling projects that can be done by the homeowner, even if they have to wait on a contractor to do other things. Here are some of the home remodeling projects that can (and some should) be done after the hurricane. Continue reading