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Common Household Pests

Bed Bug preventionWith spring time just around the corner, many New Jersey homeowners will find themselves wishing they would have invested in pest control. Termites can cause up to 5 billion dollars in damage alone, every year in the United States. Before telling you how you can protect yourself, you must first understand your enemy. Continue reading

Tips for a Great Summer Party

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Summer Party food

The summer months are a great time to plan parties since the weather typically cooperates a little better in most regions. When it is possible, parties can be scheduled to be held outdoors. This can mean less decorating as nature can provide a great party backdrop. Just by putting some thought and planning into it you can be known for throwing great summer parties. Here are a few tips for hosting a great summer party. Continue reading

Green Pest Control Tips

Bed Bug prevention

Bed Bug

Pests can be the unwanted guest in almost any home and no home is totally immune from them. Ants, mice, silverfish and many other pests can be difficult to get rid of. Many people have used pesticides in an attempt to get rid of these tiny critters. Some of these may be effective at removing the pests but they are also very harmful for the environment and can be damaging for people and pets because of the harsh chemicals that they contain.  There are several green alternatives which can help remove unwanted pests. These are much safer for the environment and the other inhabitants of the house. Here are some tips on how to control pest using methods that are safe for people, pets and the environment. Continue reading