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Kitchen Impossible – The Little Kitchen that wood

What do you expect out of a kitchen once it’s completely remodeled? A down home feeling with hardwood flooring, recessed lighting, new appliances, and sturdy materials would be what many would desire for their new kitchen to posses. John and Danielle attempted to remodel their kitchen after their contractor skipped town with their money and after doing an incomplete job. Doing the work themselves didn’t work out so well so Mark came to the rescue and brought his show with him, Kitchen Impossible.

When Mark came to help John and Danielle’s kitchen needed major help. The countertop wasn’t attached, walls weren’t finished, and the family disliked their awful flooring. Mark comes up with an action plan by gaining the wants from the project that were desired by the family in need. He then draws out the plans which included adding a backsplash, tile, cherry wood cabinets, new appliances, renovating the ceiling and the floors.

Demolition time, however, safety measures were taken and many useful tips were given. The crew ripped up the floor and the ceiling. They proceeded by installing drywall and laid down wet bed before installing flooring and cabinets to add a solid base. Danielle helped Mark build a chase to hide piping and electrical wiring, this is what our local licensed electrician NJ recommends as well. Not only did Danielle help build a chase, she helped build a chalk and cork board, this is great for families to keep track of important task and needed grocery items.

To finish things up, Mark gets busy installing the countertops and appliances. Once he is done he installs a wooden backsplash. Now it’s time for clean-up to decorate making an incomplete kitchen look vibrant and beautiful. Kitchen impossible made a kitchen very possible in this segment.