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Color Splash: Mediterranean Patio Makeover

David Bromstad, Color Splash host, created a Bellagio Hotel inspired romantic getaway for Mark and his wife by adding dramatic and elegant scenery. A simple backyard equipped with a grill, a pool, and some seating for entertaining guest has become that of a vacation romantic getaway for this couple. Not only does this couple have a getaway to enjoy for themselves they now have a place to entertain guest like that of an oasis.

How was this done, a backyard turned into an oasis? David and his crew added a vintage cabana for added luxery and comfort. He added trees, urns and other sculptures, added flowers, a fountain with a face of a lion, and other decorative items to give the ambiance like that of Bellagio Hotel. Near the cabana the crew added tall Cyprus trees to make a focal point. To make things complete, they primer and painted the brick to their fireplace to accent the colors in the statues added to the yard, then decided to paint the back of the home a dark gray to better mesh with the decor.

As an addition, the Color Splash crew added many home décor additions to make this space an extension to this family’s home. They added window treatments to the outside of the home to make a more elegant feel and look softer. Added as well, a valance to their patio that matches the cabana they built but was placed on the other side of the yard to create a flow. Adding the finishing touches; additional seating, flowers in vase on table top, pillows throughout, a coz fire pit, a painting, lighting in the trees, added table umbrellas, and waalaa! At last, this family has an elegant romantic getaway, right outside their door step.

Curb Appeal: The Block: Car Crash Catastrophe

Three years prior to airing this segment of the Curb Appeal: The Block, the Tates experienced a Car Crash Catastrophe. Their beautiful home became “that house” to many neighbors. With a $20,000 transformation, “that house” became “the house” of the block. When making a dramatic change the value of the whole neighborhood goes up along with the house. This is very beneficial for all.

Larry and Hillary Tate’s home has been the eyesore for years. Their home has a leaning fence, a deep driveway that is sunken underground, a front door with no personality, and grass growing through the cracks. The host to Curb Appeal speaks to the home owners to go over their desires. Hillary Tate has a long list of ideas and the host now has something to work with.

The crew gets started with their long overhaul. The fence is taken down; the garage door is taken down as well. The driveway is then completely demolished to make the garage into a basement adding dirt to make a leveled driveway. The neighbor complains in hopes to save her red maple trees from having little room to grow. Curb Appeal makes big changes, curving the driveway which adds value to the home. All is pleased once again. Finally the roofing NJ is complete, and it’s time to paint. Once all is done, the home looks beautiful and all the Tate’s neighbors are ecstatic.

Curb Appeal: The Block, right? The block gets added help. Other homes on the street need some help too. Melissa needed a new porch floors, and explains this she plans to fix soon. The host recommends she use composite board for her new deck renovations. I would recommend deck lighting NJ as well. The crew helps by adding planters, flower baskets and even fixed her quant swing, all within a budget of $500 dollars. A job well done and the equity of the homes are higher. This works out great for all.