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Roof Remodeling Trends



There are many things to consider when thinking about renovating the roof on your house. Here are some things you should know before trying to do the job yourself that can help make sure you get the longest life you can out of your roof.

Signs of Damage

The first thing you should do, if you are unsure if you need your roof replaced or not, is to inspect the inside and outside for any damaged areas. On the inside, areas of dampness is a good sign that you have a leak. Your insulation will get ruined and your wood will start to rot if the problem is left unchecked. The hole in your roof will likely only get bigger and more parts of your home end up ruined. Continue reading

How to Prepare Your Windows for the Winter


Open Window

It is extremely important to prepare your whole house, along with the windows, for the winter months. When working properly, windows allow the warmth and light of the sun to fill your home as they show you what is going on in the outside world. If your windows are improperly insulated, they allow the warmth inside your house to get out and end up raising your utility costs. Depending on the severity, your windows could be costing you hundreds of extra dollars every year in the Baltimore area. Continue reading

How to Protect Windows from Bad Weather

Weather proofing

Weather Stripping

By keeping your windows protected during bad weather, you are also protecting yourself from things like broken glass. You must have your Baltimore home ready for bad weather long before it is at your door. Figuring out ways to protect your windows from mother nature can make a big difference in the damage a storm can do to your home.

If a vicious storm hits and throws something into your window, breaking it, the wind will start wreaking havoc on anything that it can blow around inside your home. If the storm is bad enough, it can end up putting pressure on the roof and pushing it up until it comes off completely. Continue reading

Weatherproofing doors and windows

Is the sun seeping in your doors or windows, maybe a cool draft? Rain will be coming soon… Do you want water seeping into your home to damage your entry way or window sills? Of course you don’t want this, weatherproofing doors and windows can be a simple and affordable task and needs to be done. Weatherproofing your home will help you to be more comfortable and will save you in regards to energy cost and other cost that can come along with gaps in your home.

Walk around your house on a sunny day and look at your windows and doorways. What do you see in the cracks of your windows and doors? You shouldn’t see the bright sun seeping through the edges. You should only see a window sill or door gasket protecting the weather elements from entering your home. Sun isn’t out but it’s a breezy day, then check for a draft of air coming through closed doors and windows. If you feel a draft, same issue is at hand. It’s time to weatherproof doors and windows.

Now that you know there is a problem with your doors or windows, what do you do? It’s simple enough and you can do it yourself. That door that has that draft sneaking through, handle it with vinyl or rubber weather stripping. If that doesn’t do the trick, a sweep can be placed on the bottom of your door and will help you with these gaps in your doors if your floor is irregular.

If the problem isn’t your door at all and the issue is with your window then you have other products that will benefit you. You may need to place new sealant along your window pane. If that doesn’t do the trick you can place film over the problem area but this can be more complicated and take more time. If film is what you need, using a hair dryer is best to make the film fit snug.

Check your windows and doors before it’s too late. Months and months of sneaky drafts seeping into your home can cost you in electric bills and can you discomfort or even let unwanted critters indoors. Nipping this problem in the bud is the best thing for all in the family.