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Landscape Design Trends for 2014

Outdoor kitchenThe landscaping around your home is just as important as the exterior presentation of the home itself. There are big changes coming in 2014 as to what landscaping designs are going to be trending. Flowery beds of flowers are a thing of the past. A more masculine look is where homeowners are headed this year. Backyards are becoming entertaining spaces in many areas with climates shifting too.

Contemporary Colors

Pastels and light colors have left the building. Contemporary colors that make a statement have taken up residency in current landscape trends. The idea of using contemporary colors is to do so in a smart way. Pops of color rather than full sections of flowers are what homeowners seem to prefer. More shrubbery and framing plants are in the plans for re-designing the landscaping in front and back yards. Continue reading

Modern Landscape Design Features

Landscape Design

Landscape Design

Landscape design in NJ includes many design elements like line, form, color, texture and scale. How these all come into play in actual backyard landscaping is largely up to the preference and taste of the homeowner. In order to create the desired designs, homeowners may incorporate the use of various features that are strategically placed so that they achieve their decorating goals. There are many modern features which are used in today’s modern backyard landscaping design. Continue reading

How to Increase Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a very important aspect of a Phoenix home. The aesthetic appearance of the exterior of the home is the first thing a visitor will see and you only get one chance to make a good first impression. The curb appeal can have a direct influence on whether or not a home is seen as desirable for purchasing. Whether a home is being put back up on the market or a homeowner just wants to improve the look of the home’s exterior some relatively inexpensive home remodeling projects can improve the home’s curb appeal. Continue reading

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor lighting can create an ambiance and is an addition to your home that will make your home a safer place. A dark home can be intimidating to walk up to and can be an unsafe location to walk up to at night. Besides the worry of walking up to a dark home, you can detour intruders from breaking into your home by having it well lit. Who wants to break into a well lit home just to get caught?

If your goal is to set the scenery when it comes to lighting up the outdoors then there are certain options that will better fit your needs. You can mount tree lights to create a moonlight setting. Using waterproof lights for a pond or fountain can make for a peaceful evening watching the wildlife that your pond holds or for watching the water flow from the fountain you posses.

If the reason you desire to add outdoor lights is that of safety reasons then there are several options for you. Using offset path lights would be great to light up a dark walkway. Flood lights are a great addition to brighten up the walkway if you have lots of trees along your path. Cone lights are great not only great to highlight your plants, but they make for a great pathway brightener as well.

Either way, if you’re trying to lighten up your path to create a safer environment or are trying to add to your yards appeal, the best thing to do when it comes to outdoor lighting is to seek advise or to hire a professional electrician to do the dirty work for you. Doing so will help you to add these great additions in a safe manner and will help you to do a proper job which will save you in energy cost. Enjoy your new outdoor addition by doing it the right way.