Media Room Design Trends

Media Room Trends

Media Room Trends

Media rooms are popping up in homes everywhere nowadays. There was a time when the television set was put where it was convenient like a living room or a family room. The stereo went where it could be used on a regular basis and things like computers and video games were found in offices and bedrooms. Today these components are being brought together in special rooms known as media rooms.

Media room designs in Livingston can have many components. They can have things like a television set or a projector, a video game system, a stereo and sound system, special lighting, special seating and a sound system. All of it depends on the space, wants and budget of the homeowner.

All media rooms have a home theater component. This makes having a television set or a projector essential. The media room is where movies and television shows will be watched by the families and friends of the homeowners.  Because of this, many homeowners opt for a large screen television and if it is in their budget, they will have a projector with a screen for a more theater like experience.

In addition, WIFI is usually installed into media rooms to stream movies on television sets from computers. This allows for web based gaming and for family members to use devices like computers and tablets in the media room.

One aspect of a media room that is very important is the seating. The seating in home theaters is usually more like a theater. However, in media rooms there are different things to take into consideration. One thing that homeowners consider is the gaming system. Since this is a big part of many home theaters, seating close to the television set is important. Also, homeowners should keep in mind that if they have young children, their kids may want to cuddle and stretch out with them when watching movies. This makes placing sofas or sectionals in the room more ideal.

Homeowners are also paying close attention to the lighting in their media rooms. There are many options to choose from. For example, a homeowner may select tract lighting to be able to position lights where needed. Some homeowners are also investing in floor lighting to give the room a more theater like effect. There are many media rooms where the traditional lighting options of lamps and light fixtures can still be found.

Another thing homeowners are focusing on in their media rooms is the sound system. They buy the stereo for their taste and budget and spend a great deal on speakers and wiring. The speakers are usually wired to the television set as well to create surround sound. Surround sound is very popular and involves creating an atmosphere where the audio can be heard from all directions.

When homeowners do address the wiring, they must keep in mind that there will be a great deal of equipment and furniture not to mention walls they will have to work with. They may have to go through the drywall to reach an outlet. When that is not an option, they will need to come up with other ways to hide the wiring such as using things like discrete tubes that can be painted the color of the walls.

Finally, homeowners take great care to get the correct window treatments for their windows. They have a number of options to choose from. For example, they may opt for total blackout window treatments. This will allow for total darkness in the room when they want it. It enhances the movie and television watching experience and gives the room more of a theater quality. Whatever choice the homeowner makes in window treatments will be based on his taste and budget.

At one time, television sets, stereos, computers and video games were found in different places in the house. Many times they were put where they would fit. Today, entire rooms are dedicated to media. They include the television or projector, WIFI, special seating, special lighting, sound systems and high tech wiring.



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